The Koreatown Oddity - A Beat at the Table

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A Beat At the Table is An Instrumental Project by Koreatown Oddity conceputalized from Solange's A seat at the table Album. A deep dive into the Black sounds & messages reinterpreted into 19 mins of Raw beat Energy as heard through the Ear of KtownOdd.

Paying homage to the true school while honing his own jazz-infused sound, Kev Brown has garnished a reputation as the torch-bearer of the golden era. Heavily influenced by renowned beat-smiths such as Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and DJ Premier, he continues to receive worldwide acclaim for his distinctive brand of grimy soul. And while Kev's buttery-smooth production and laid-back vocals shine throughout the album, the project also features a host of guests spots from Critically Acclaimed, Cy Young, Grap Luva, Oddisee, Phonte (of Little Brother), Kenn Starr, Kronkite, Wayna, and Eric Roberson. After numerous collaborations and a host of buzzworthy 12-inches, Kev Brown now steps forward with his debut solo album aptly-titled I Do What I Do. This forthcoming project guarantees to have the entire hip-hop world taking notice.

Originally released in 2005, it was only right to circle back and give it an official cassette release.

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Yo, what's good my peoples?! Thank you for tuning in once again.. 

For those die hard Mets people like myself, who know about Dwight Gooden aka Dr. K aka Doc Gooden...also know that he's one of the best, if not the best pitcher to ever rock a gold tooth and stand on the mound. Fuck all the bad press and B.S. they been putting the man thru. We all have our problems so on this tape we're celebrating the greatness of the Doctor K. 

He made his debut in 1984, making the All-Star Team, striking out the side in that game and winning the Rookie of the year award that season. Then in 1985, he scoops up the Cy Young award and the triple crown among other accomplishments that lead to the World Series Championship in the 1986 season! 

So back to the tape filled with funky beats, a couple of appearance's from my man Julio from up the block on the Doctor K theme songs as well as a crazy phone message from my man I am Many lol all connected together with snippets from classic interviews, games, Mets programs such as Kiner's Corner and news broadcasts to make the tape more flavorful. 

So get ready to chill pop this orange and blue tape in your deck and zone out. 

Courtesy of Jazzsoon and Strictly Cassette.

"A Monkey's Death" is the 5th installment of The Chinese New Year Instrumental Series from The Koreatown Oddity. All the beats are inspired by the energy of the Monkey as we leave it into the next.



The Bronx keeps creating musical masterpieces. The borough has more talent per square metre than most. It's steeped in sonic history. The birthplace of a culture that shows no signs of slowing down. 'Three Sides To Every Coin' is another fine example of that. What you've got here is the lyrical skills of a certified Bronx Bomber (D-Flow) and a heavy weight producer (Ray West) combining to report back with tales from the place they dwell. D-Flow lyrics are razor sharp delivering hard knock psalms that entertain and enthral in equal measure. The stories he spits bob and weave, drawing you in with the pleasures and pitfalls of street life. It's captivating. Matched with Ray West's production it's enhanced yet further adding another dimension with beats that are rugged yet smooth at the same time. Rays work let's you hear and feel the streets. You are immersed. You can mentally picture traffic buzzing around the streets as the sounds of horns bounce and vibrate off buildings as people go about their daily trials and tribulations. 'Three Sides To Every Coin' is the definition of reality rap, one that will stay etched in your subconscious for a great length of time. Its the sound of traditions being upheld and a culture strengthened by these BX Ambassadors.After a series of great releases in 2015 Red Apples 45 is proud to team up with Strictly Cassette to release another piece to the catalogue, this time bringing it all the way back home to the Bronx with one half of The Ghetto Dwellas & DITC affiliate D-Flow. Pairing the MC with the Red Apples 45 own, producer Ray West they bring you “Three Sides To Every Coin.” Not only a play on words but some insight into the fast pace hustle of NYC’s paper chase. - Chris Cammack

There are many reasons one would strive to get ahead in this town & in this Ep D-Flow breaks down 3 different reasons why one would strive. Hence “Three Sides to Every Coin”

Mixed By Dave Dar , Executive producer AG of DITC & Art work by the legendary Joe Buck the record Contains 3 full songs, 2 instrumentals & one 7 minute instrumental piece by Ray West titled Soliloquy.

This is a very special cassette release brought to you by Red Apples 45 and Strictly Cassette. Only available while supplies last!


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