In 1999 Cage recorded & handmade a limited run of 100 tapes to promote his Debut album: "Movies For The Blind." They were only recorded on TDK/Sony 60 minute cassettes.  He wrote a different message on all the covers from "Shit hits the fan", "Some rough shit", "Shit for you to taste" & "This could be your girl" to name a few.


These tapes were not sold in stores but could only be obtained if you purchased the album through UGHH or Hiphopsite.  50/50 & never released on cassette again although in 2002 it was re-released on a cdr by him (Cage) with different artwork and a couple tracks left off. This made the cassette even more sought after. Being a long time Eastern Conference Rawkus Record fan, this was a real treat when he decided to release this.


There are original demo versions of songs from Cage & Necro like Clockwork Orange (Agent Orange) & Radiohead along with some rare New York radio promos and freestyles. There are a couple dope WKCR Godfather Don promos on the tape too. For some of the younger fans For Your Box also has the original Eminem diss tracks titled 4 Letter Word & Bitch Lady. In 98/99, I know everybody heard the Slim Shady LP's Role Model, in which he makes a Cage reference:

"Bought Cage's tape opened it, and dubbed over it..."

then again in 1999 on the Wake-up show's This or That on Get You Mad:

"Went on stage and sprayed Cage wit Agent Orange And wiped my ass wit his page in Source..."

Cage made it clear that he wasn't going to allow Eminem to continue his rap career unchecked.  On "4 Letter Word" he spits:

"All the way live, we bring to you to host the annual drowning, in Lake Michigan.."  (a announcer says this on the intro then Cage starts rappin these lyrics.)

"I heard some blonde bitch walking through New York looking for cage.  I'll stab you in the face, ten times in the same place.  Lace your little infants til you thinking different.  When in the same building on the street lift you off your feet.."

And then on "Bitch Lady" he comes at Marshal Mathers with more darts:

"Bitch lady, nerd bitch like Jan Brady..."

"Actin out the life of Cage childhood steez, wearin straight jackets in videos & magazines..."

All this started when Cage said Eminem bit his style...but this tape has alot of the Cage tracks that started & ended this beef. With material from 1992-98, this is technically the only cassette that he put out besides the Smut Peddlers Porn again in 2001 with Mr. Eon from High & Mighty. If you are 1 of the lucky few to own this Cage tape, u are one lucky son of a #!+*%...

 The Illest 4 Letter word & the words Cage!!



  1. this came out real fresh...big up to the writer haha

  2. Dope article, I think I've got a couple of the 12's he put out and movies for the blind & hells winter. Not digging the stuff he does now though. Wouldn't mind a dub of that tape!

    1. Incogneeto14.4.12

      I honestly stopped checking for Cage after Movies for the Blind. However, I enjoy revisiting all his previous material. The dude definitely has some raw shit tho!

  3. jjohnson16.4.12

    Been a while since I've checked for Cage as well, but really dug that Grand old Party Crash track he did with DJ Shadow. Prolly one of my faves from everything I've heard from Cage. Dope feature SC and Bang!

  4. Anonymous15.12.12

    I actually have this tape in the collection, I might pop it in the deck tonight, been a while since I last heard it. Great article :)

  5. Anonymous2.1.13

    Pretty sure the CDR came with movies from the blind from sandbox in 2002. Hiphopsite had a different mix CD and a dope t shirt which I opted for. The tape was much earlier like u said probably 1999, long before MFTB came out.

  6. Anonymous14.7.16

    This was way before Movies... Its a lot of Cage's early stuff and demos from when he was rolling with Godfather Don. Probably around and after he was with Pete Nice and Bobbito and lost his first record deal with Columbia. I have another Cage mixtape with a bunch of early Cage songs including 2 of ny faves; Beyond and Back & Special Ladies. Still see hints of genius here and there but not like before.


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