Okay, so maybe our last title we used was a little abrasive.  Thanks for the shout though...


  1. As a member of Strictly Cassette thanks 4 the shout out hipster!! As a hip-hop head ur a fuckin hipster!! How u goin say fuck P.E? Whats wrong with u?

  2. Ozzie!!! Said This bitch!!20.4.12

    movrinoscopy you are a fucking idiot!! I wish i knew who the fuck you were! Bro cuz ill mos def fuck you up!! Your a clown go back to posting you VHS FAG!!! I swear FUCKING HIPSTERS LIKE YOU! Ruin it for real collectors! FUCK YOU!!

  3. movrinoscopy20.4.12

    c'mon guys. if you read the description you would know that i enjoy public enemy and that i was just cursing them for effect. be cool oz. hipster or not it appears we both enjoy the same hobby...rap cassettes. doesnt that count for something?

    i like this place (strictly cassette) and enjoy discussing something im so passionate about. lets put this whole ordeal behind us and be cool. not friends, just cool.

    1. i know opinions r just opinions but we as in all the members from Strictly Cassette have been doin this since the 90's, a couple older heads since the 80's & we see alot of cats just poppin up out of nowhere collecting tapes. heads that jus started actin like they been doin this & coppin shit on ebay (im not sayin u are) drivin prices up along wit prices when we diggin at locations.. we not doing this to look cool like others r doin, we do this cuz we love cassette music, we make music still on cassette, its our life, thats why we made Strictly Cassette & when people certain people get tired of searchin for what we have we'll all see who the real tape heads r, peace!!

  4. I've always loved hip-hop but since I was born in 88 i didn't get much access to it being so young. Outside of the radio and edited copies (nothing is sadder than a censored Wu-Tan Clan album). David posted that first tape video and remind me of how much I love hip-hop growing up and made me realize that since the genre is dead now, It would be a perfect time to catch up on all the music I loved but couldn't have.

    David even donated a large portion of the tapes from the first video to help start out my collection. I'm doing research and reading books on the history of hip-hop and listening to lots of albums and I Thank Morvin and this site for inspiring me to start catching up.

    He explained his views well in this video and I don't understand why he's still being bashed, he isn't a hipster he, we are both nostalgic nerds who have eclectic taste in music and that isn't a bad thing. I will start taking pictures of everything I have once I get a rack to display them.

  5. Strictly Cassette21.4.12

    First of all, let me start by saying that it's great to see others that are interested in Hip Hop cassettes or an interest in Hip Hop's history period. Starting a dialog is what this blog is all about. Everybody is welcome to this blog and in no way am I trying to be disrespectful to anybody but understand where we come from. I can see all sides in this, however...let us distinguish the people who are fans of Hip Hop or are into it for the nostalgia and those who actually participate in the Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop IS NOT just a form of music. It's a culture. Personally, I've grown up with Hip Hop in all it's forms...from B-boying, graff, MCing, Djing,Freestyle dancing, Making beats, etc... Its played a huge part in my life from as far back as I can remember. I take offense when I hear people say that "the genre is dead." This is a clear indication of someone who is NOT cultural. No offense to Devin. With that said, Hip Hop's golden age was about the attitude. Coming off abrasive comes with the territory. So in the end, collecting tapes and learning about Hip Hop is great...but just remember to respect the CULTURE of Hip Hop. KRS One says "Hip Hop is not something you do, it's something you live..."

  6. Devconn8821.4.12

    I meant in terms of musical quality and not the culture itself. I should have worded myself better.

  7. @Devconn88 Have you listened to any of these albums in full at all?! It seems to me that you are a fucking hipster. Each to their own but you speak a lot of bullshit. My brothers and myself on here are passionate about the culture of HIP HOP, you on the other hand seem to be wanting some kind of credibility from getting these tapes. We don't give out passes lil boy. Respect is HARD TO EARN. Never forget that. Read the articles on this site, see what people are passionate about and look in the mirror and tell me if you think you can hang with us. We are HIP HOP culture. It's in the way I dress, the way I conduct myself and the way I express myself. I grew up having to earn the respect of those around me. You buy a tape and think your in the club?! NO. I'm done with you.

  8. Ok so I can't get through 2 mins. of this guys video. This dude is just not someone I could hang out with. Ever. Hope my fellow Tapekingz read this and stop wasting time on this guy. Don't even post his lameass lil blog. With much respect to all my Tapekingz, fuck this Hipster but don't draw any more attention to this fuckin clown.

  9. slangdisco23.4.12

    this guy is a bozo straight up and there are plenty more out there just like him...only true heads will know about cassettes it was a certain feeling you got when some shit was released you cant buy those feelings at a flea market hipster take a break and learn something

  10. Did he really say fuck PE? Wow! He said he listened to To The East Blackwards in its entirety on youtube. I'm not gonna go to hard on dude cause he reminds me of my lil brother Lol but damn you can't bump the digital version & talk about the tape. You have to bump the cassette like we did growing up with the hiss of the boombox & the grit of the static on the volume & balance controls. You can't give an accurate book report from the cliffnotes you gotta read the book. I'm a member of the XClan family been on tour with XClan & still chill with Brother J to this day & don't have this tape. I've bought it so many times since I was a kid well into adulthood but in all my gang of tapes it's still missing. Matter of fact Movrinoscopy your boy Devcon88 said you gave him tapes to start his collection. You wanna give me that XClan To The East Blackwards tape? Hit me up on my email lets work something out. - Lastman
    Zulu Nation/Blackwatch Intelligence Alliance

  11. Devconn8826.4.12

    I've been thinking of a proper response for a while so here it goes.

    Have i listened to any of these albums in full? Yes, In fact I use to have a copy of I Got Next when I was 8 years old and I listened to it everyday on my ride too and from school. I know at that age there would be no way for me to understand the significance of what Kris was saying but I knew it was a quality album musically.

    When I said "Hip Hop is dead" I was referring to the music that is currently being played on television and the radio. I wasn't insulting the culture in any way or at least wasn't intentional trying to make you assume as such.

    It's not my fault that I didn't live and fully experience the hip hop life, it isn't my fault that I was born in 1988 and was too young to truly appreciate the genre but from a far I know it was something that interested me even if I wasn't allowed to.

    I hounestly want to learn everything that I can. I fully understand that I have to earn your respect which Is why I am going to leave for a while outside of reading the articles and do as my research as I possibly can.

    I have looked in the mirror and admit that I have no change of being accepted by you all but that will not stop me from trying to become educated. I never though that having the tapes meant that I was part of the club, all it means is i have a good taste in music.

    Since I discovered this site I've been having long conversations with Rap Tapes and I believe he feels I have potential. Even if you all hate me I will still do whatever I can to support this site. I donated my last paycheck to help out and I'm working on promotional magnets to hand out to people i do "Hipster" trades with links to the site.

    I'm going to lay low for a while and eventually return. Sorry for pissing you all off it wasn't intentional.

  12. As someone who was raised initially on hip hop tapes such as Stetsasonic (I bought that tape the day it came out and still proudly display it in my collection and by you saying you had never heard it fully, I knew you weren't as deep as you were trying to intend to be), I can appreciate you are trying to learn, that's great. Any kid that's going back and trying to learn the history and is genuinely making an effort to understand what makes people like us so passionate about the culture will get somewhat of a break from me. I'd rather deal with you than some little shit head trying to explain to me why Lil Wayne is the greatest ever.

    But yeah, you kinda fucked up saying some of the stuff you've said, both in the video and on here. You are most definitely entitled to your opinion, whether if it's popular or not. One of mine is that I think the second best Bomb Squad produced album is Son of Bazerk's "Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk", but like you said when you comparing PE and ICP (ICP is horrid though), I realize it's not. I think you realize you probably should have kept your trap shut about certain things, or at the very least re-worded them. In the end though, remember you are a "visitor" in this culture and hip hop, both in terms of age and race, just because you bought a classic tape isn't going to give you a free pass. Best of luck to you in your quest though.

    1. I agree with you and understand what you are saying but the guy in the video isn't me. His name is David Morvin, I knew him for a VHS collectors forum. I discovered this site because it was linked in his facebook page. My comments were unrelated to the videos he made outside of defending his personal opinions. I changed the subject to me recently starting to collect hip-hop music. I was saying that sing the music of my generation is so poor in quality It inspired me to go back to the great songs I remember liking as a kid on the radio but was too young to listen to outside of Wallmart versions. I am aware that I am a guest to the culture and I worded myself poorly in early paragraphs.

      The comments expressed in those youtube videos aren't mine. I would never insult Public Enemy being a fan of them myself. It was a coincidence that we were both white guys who knew each other. I was just defending a friend.

      Thanks for wishing me luck and I promise to keep my mouth shut from now on until I have a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Keep in touch. Sorry again.

    2. Anonymous27.4.12

      I type too fast :/

  13. Anonymous6.6.12

    Hahaha,yo this Napoleon dynamite cat is ill,this cats on his own shit,fuck it,it ain't that serious,


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