I first heard of Timeless Truth on an ill joint back in the day called “Principles.”  My niggas went in, verbally obliterating everything in their path.  Hold up, I’m getting a little ahead of myself let me first introduce the brothers that I speak of (Suns are actual Blood Brothers) we first have Superbad Emcee Solace and the god Oprime39, two of the illest Dominican Emcees on the scene of the rhyme.  We recently here at Strictly Cassette had the opportunity to press up the EP Brugal & Presidentes on an actual tape after hearing Memorex massacre, it was only mandatory. B & P is nothing short of amazing, with that boom bap sound and ill lyrics that made us fall in love with this this thing we call hip hop in the first place. The album features the likes of Roc Marciano and Sean Price, as a warm-up to their debut Rock-It Science.  We reached out to the brothers awhile back to do a feature on here but time was always working against us.  We got to chop it up with the duo a little bit about their background and where they came from.  Make sure you check the link for the Brugal & Presidentes Cassette and cop them before they vanish!

 - Foreword by ESCO


(SC) Timeless truth, a very catchy and interesting name to give your group can you guys introduce yourselves and tell the world who you are let us know where the timeless alias derived from?  

(OPRIME39)  Peace, I go by the name of Oprime 39 and my brother, my blood brother...the superbad emcee Solace, together we make up Timeless Truth.  My brother Solace came up with this name when we took this rap shit a lil more serious so he's gonna break down the meaning of the name and where it came from.

(SOLACE)  It's kinda crazy man cuz before Timeless Truth it was just Oprime and Solace.  That's what we were going by.  We were doing little shows around the way.  Everybody knew us around the way as brothers...always rockin' together.  We decided to take it up a notch and really just get a real name for what we stand for.  It was around the time when I was first starting college, Prime had just graduated and I was in a Philosophy class.  The one element that we always spoke about and represented in our music was having it be timeless.  Having that effect where it could be rocked anywhere and stand the test of time.  Years down the line you could still rock it and get the same effect.  So when I was in my Philosophy class, I was just thinking about our name.  The professor was talking about time and space and some of Plato's philosophies and then he introduced the idea of the "Timeless Truth."  Right as this dude mentions it, I already had the word "Timeless" in my head.  At that very moment, "Boom!"  I wrote it down and brought it back to the crib and talked to my brother.  I was like "Yo, I think this is it right here."  We just let it marinate and ended up rockin' with that man.  Timeless Truth...that's where it came from.

(SC) We know ya'll are reppin' from the East Coast but can you let the people know exactly where we're at?

(OPRIME39)  Yo, we come from Corona/Flushing Queens aight?  I was born in Corona.  Family grew up there.  Back then it was primarily a Dominican neighborhood and in 88 we moved to Flushing.  My father was a superintendent so he landed a job in a nice quiet neighborhood.  At the time in Flushing, we lived out here...went to school out here.  You know, just runnin around the way.  Our family was in Corona so we played both sides nah mean?  So we went to school and chilled in Flushing but the family was always in Corona so it was always a back n forth thing and we knew both neighborhoods very well.  We both went to the same high school.  It was the Newtown Annex and later became the Arts & Business High School.  We grew up seeing niggas like Flush, was crazy nah mean.  That's what it is man.  We out here in Flushing til this day...


 (SC) Timeless Truth - 'Memorex Massacre crazy ill video/joint , Rocking the Sharp GF-777 throughout the whole video, lo’d out gave me the illest 90’s vibe, can you tell us the concept behind the joint 'Memorex Massacre’ and What inspired you to do that video and how was the response to it?  

(OPRIME 39)  Memorex Massacre was a crazy joint.  I remember when my man R8DER shot me the beat and right away, it was one of those joints where the pen just did its own thing.  I told my brother like "Yo, I already got a verse."  I remember Memorex tapes and it just sounded ill.  I remember when I used to always give a title name to my tape, so for this track...I wanted to give it a tape name.  So Memorex was like an ill memorex tape.  That's where the title came from so the the introduction line was "Since the auto-reverse with the mega-bass, lace tapes, rhymes elevate..."  So it was kinda like me going back to the days when I had an auto-reverse Sony Walkman with the Mega-bass.  The rest is just vicious wordplay.  I gotta give a fat shout to this cat Macho from East New York...that radio went through alot of blood sweat and tears so we rocked that radio with alot of respect nah mean.  One thing that was true with back in the day was that you brought your radio to chill so we decided to rock it thru the video.  Them radios went on that mission with you back in the day so we wanted to stay true to that concept and make it a reality...which was ill.  So yeah, big shout out to Macho...that was his radio from back in the day.  I heard he used to knock niggas out to keep it in possession.

(SOLACE)  Haha, still squeaky clean too!  Not to mention the joint weighs like 85 pounds man.  Got the ill bicep workout that day but had to do it to represent properly!

(OPRIME 39)  The response to the video was ill.  Not only on a local level because it showed a lot of places where we chill.  In Flushing Meadows...Corona Park joins Flushing and Corona together.  When I would skate from one town to the next, we used to cut and chill in the park back in the day.  On the international scale, niggas could relate to the lifestyle and the vibe that we brought to that video.


(SC) As an added bonus to this feature, we have the opportunity to share their new video "Leave It Alone."


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