There are so many "instrumental albums" being put out these days.  Most of it is available for download via your favorite digital store.  Very few press up vinyl or even cd's.  Others take things up a notch.  Exile is doing the latter.  Introducing Radio...on cassette.  With Radio, he wanted everything to be unique from the beginning to the last minute.  The concept consisted of sampling vocals straight from the AM/FM dial.  Exile explains it best, "Good and evil are present on the radio. With this record I express love in contrast to evil. I did not want to put an album out showing only my talent... I needed to share with the listener what I have learned from my life. In this case, the radio."

You can also check for AM/FM on cassette.  The perfect addition to Radio.  AM/FM acts as a sequel to it's counterpart.  A few of the guests artists include Shafiq Husayn, Free The Robots, Aloe Blacc, Grouch and Eligh, Fashawn, and Clutch Hopkins.  The result is anything but disappointing.

You can cop the tapes from Plug research and pay $15.00 for it or you can cop it HERE for $4.50

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  1. Bang2000XL17.1.12

    i love this album, i bought it on Vinyl & CD but when i heard there was a limited run of 200 tapes made of this i had 2 grab a couple Radio & AM/FM tapes, Exile is a beast on the MP, nice on the Mic 2..Can we get a 4TRKMind Tape???


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