We put the word out to any artist that's still actively releasing tapes.  To our surprise, there are a lot of folks that are keeping things magnetic.  JUELS is young producer who shows us that the tape is still relevant to people of all generations...

JUELS is a 23yr old producer reppin' Torrance, Ca (Southbay/Los Angeles) He is back with a project of raw beats featuring a track with Sean Price.  Being influenced by Hiphop/Soul/Electo/Synth, JUELS started making beats back in 2006 and has been working with a couple of labels as well as artists in Japan.  2010 is when JUELS started releasing his beat tapes. "Break Bread" is a release that is available for download.  It dropped shortly after a big buzz from his last instrumental release "Gems."

(FOG)  FORTY OUNCE GOLD and http://100akres.com (Cassette Distribution) helped make the release of Break Bread.  His next project "a Trip To The Moon" EP Will Be Droppin Feb. 2012

(SC)  So what are your earliest memories of the cassette tape?

I remember when I turned 6yrs old in 93' and getting my 1st Walkman. I was recording songs on the radio on to blank tape and making my own mixes... Mostly Hiphop!

(SC)  How did you get into making music and what inspired you to release something on tapes?

I started making beats in 2006.  My friend had Reason 3 and uploaded the software on my computer. He showed me a few things and I started from there.  I was producing for local artists and then connected with some artists in Japan and began to produce for them.  I released "Heavyweights" the beat tape in Nov 2010 and followed up with "Gems" in March 2011.  As I was working on "Break Bread" (which was set to release in Aug. 2011) I was hit up by FreshNerd the man behind 100Akres tape distribution. I ended up getting a cassette tape distribution deal for Break Bread. I was the 1st artist on the label and movement that my dude FreshNerd was doing for beat tapes. A lot of beat makers make "beat tapes" but print on cd's. My release was on a actual tape and so will my next project "Trip To The Moon" due in Feb. 2012 by http://100akres.com

(SC)  What do you think lies in the future for tapes?  Is it just a passing fad for musicians or is it another way to bring people back to tangible music?

I think tapes will be around for awhile still. People love when I give or show them my tapes.  I know most people don't have a cassette player anymore... So my tapes come with QR bar codes that you can scan and download to your phone or download online for free!  People remember you and your project nowadays when you hand them a tape and not a typical cd.  It's curious, gives people more of a reason to get or find a tape player to listen to your music!

(SC) Any last comments or shutouts?
Break bread out now! Free Download

"Trip To The moon" due Feb 2012 

S/O to AreEezzy (FortyOunceGold) & FreshNerd (100Akres) & anyone whose supported me on blogs and download my beat tapes! Thank you!

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