DAMU The Fudgemunk ft. Raw Poetic

Streamline - Damu The Fudgemunk feat. Raw Poetic by Redefinition Records

There is a shit load of music that's droppin' these days.  Music isn't the only thing travellin' at warp speed.  Just check out how many videos people are putting out on the daily.  Many of them aren't worth your time.  That isn't the case here with Damu and Raw Poetic.  The music captures everything that's reminiscent of the cassette era.  Music that is quality from beginning to end.  Check for the CD/VINYL combo of Kilawatt V1.5 HERE.

Our boys at Redef are steadily showing us what Hip Hop should sound like.  Check their new video for "Hole Up" after the jump and see if you can catch the quick head nods to the classics!


  1. SlangDisco28.2.12

    nice post damu is a cool dude met him down at the beatsociety in washington dc at xm radio

    1. Oh yeah...Damu is mad cool. I was following him way back when he was just doing beats on Youtube. I wanna say we were Myspace friends in the beginning too. Once I heard the jazzy horns, I knew he was here to stay! Big ups to Damu and Redef for keeping Hip Hop alive!


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