Without a doubt, this is my favorite Premier track of all time. The way he chopped the Cameo sample and flipped the Funky President drums can never be duplicated. On top of that, he kills it with the minimal scratch sentence "So what tha fuck yall?! Movin' on up..." I remember hearing my boys capping on Group Home's lyrical skills but honestly...I can't hear anybody else on these beats. Guru said it well, "It's mostly the voice..." There's something about Lil Dap's raspy vocals that just sounds right over Primo's chunky drums and precise chops.

The first time I heard this was from my older brother. He borrowed it from a friend and dubbed it onto a grey Maxell cassette. We played that shit straight for a whole summer. Just Supa Star on repeat.


  1. I feel u on this...1 of of Premo's illest joints!!!

    1. No doubt man! U know the deal. I have to say that Preem was on top of his game during this period. But u know he knocked everybody's head back with Jeru's 2 albums and the final KO for my was Moment of Truth...

  2. Thats truth!!!


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