HipHopPhilosophy Radio presents 'The Best of The Time' Tribute Tape Special by AC The Program Director55

AC THE PD hit us up this morning with a special gift.  This is straight from the Hip Hop archives.  Enjoy this raw mix recorded straight from an original cassette.

Here are some words on the mix straight from the Program Director himself:  Recorded straight off of a cassette mix A.C. The P.D. made in the early 90's ... Soundcloud won't let me start with any licensed music, it blocked the upload because this is major label property, so The Time mix starts at 11:52 of the wave file ... The first 11 minutes is a very special promo for Radio by Spexxx, Kurs,Brewmasta, Bucc Rogerz, King Eljen ... some very legendary living unsung heroes of HipHop from Redwood, CA ...
At the end of the tape was about 15 minutes of the rest of what I recorded over, an old radio show Reggae-HipHop style set recording ... I left it on here for you ...


  1. Thats fuckin ill...thats dope u left the dubbed over shit, thats raw!!!

    1. Dope right? I had to share this one real quick!

  2. Slang Disco11.2.12

    this is real fresh fam


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