It's no mystery that The Pharcyde as group had a lot of creative differences.  Stories of Fatlip and Slim Kid Tre arguing over the making of Runnin' is a story that's been told a few times.  I remember first reading about it on the Stones Throw blog in an article titled "The Story behind some of J-Dilla's greatest productions."  It's a trip to hear it coming from the artists themselves.  Check out what Dilla has to say about it after the jump...

Here is Slim Kid Tre's words on the making of Runnin.

SLIM KID TRE: We were looking for Q-Tip to do some tracks for us. He couldn't do what needed to be done, but he said, "You can check my boy," end we were like, "Okay who is it?" He was like, "Jay Dee." We didn't even believe Jay Dee existed. Q-Tip's name is Jonathan Davis, we thought it was Q-Tip pretending that was his little spin-off name. Q-Tip brought a bunch of beats over, we heard "Runnin" and "Drop," it was some incredible shit. Jay Dee came to Los Angeles and he had his SP1200 and he would just flip these beats like nobody's business. This kid couldn't fuck up a beat. I gave him one of Vince Guiraldi's Snoopy loops like, "I always wanted to do something with this," end he flipped this song called "Splattitorium" end I was like, "Of course." Fat Lip and I fought physically over the way Jay Dee originally programmed "Runnin'." Fat Lip went in and reprogrammed every straight beat because Fat Up was all about having the beats a certain way. I fought for it to be the way that it was because I was a stickler about people's creative input - that's what we hired him for. If I didn't stop that and physically fight this guy for it, "Runnin'" would have been a different song all together on a spiritual level.  SOURCE:  STONES THROW

Who would have thought that this classic track was a result of physical arguments over hardware sonics?  Maybe it was the tension in the group that created the chemistry?  Who was right and who was wrong?  Who knows...either ways, the work between the late J-Dilla and The Pharcyde is and always will be legendary...


  1. I never get tired of hearing the Runnin let alone Pharcyde stories..everyone has different veiws of what took place but jus like the end of the article said even w/all the bullshit in the group the drama can never take away the value of these classics!!!

  2. jjohnson23.2.12

    neck-breaking beats = arm-breaking beats


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