A few weeks ago, a record store owner from Detroit acquired 7,000+ records along with a box of cassette tapes.  This wasn't just an ordinary music collection.  The once belonged to the legendary producer:  Jay Dee aka J-Dilla.  At first, Jeff Bubeck (Co-owner of UHF Record Store) didn't know what he came across.  As a Record store owner, Bubeck is always out on house calls to look at record collections.  This collection was just another one that he found abandoned in a storage locker.  At first, he processed the records as normal.  As he was digging further into the boxes, he discovered some junk letters that had the name James Yancey on them.  Curious about the name, he looked it up on his smart phone.  Sure as shit, he runs across the J-Dilla wikipedia page.  The next thing he finds is a cash disbursement receipt issued to Slum Village.  This confirmed that the collection belonged to Dilla.  The next thing he found was a box of cassettes with "Jay Dee Beats" written on them with a black marker.  


Immediately upon discovering that the records and cassettes were from the Dilla estate, Bubeck attempted to contact Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes.  His attempts were unsuccessful.  Considering how many emails she gets about her son, I can imagine it can get kinda old.  On Record Store Day, Bubeck announced that records from Dilla's personal collection would be sold.  This drew immediate attention from the media including the Detroit News, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone.  Shortly after the first article was published online, it went viral and raised a lot of attention from fans and more importantly...Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes.  Recently, Bubeck linked up with Ma Dukes to put the collection back into the right hands.  Although the UHF Facebook page caught alot of hard feelings from Dilla fans about returning the collection, I'd have to tip my hat off to Bubeck for doing the right thing in preserving the musical legacy of one of the most influential producers of our time.  Word...




  1. slang3.5.12

    wow that blows my mind cant believe this

  2. Bang4.5.12

    When i 1st heard about i was buggin out, me & Fakts was talkin bout this on twitter like we both goin 2 bid on those tapes but im sure they would of hit up 2 the thousands. Overall he did the right thing which most of us wouldnt have. I would of kept Dilla's shit!!!


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