This mixtape dropped in 2011.  Our fam L.Scatter teamed up Beat Swap Meet (Los Angeles Record Show) and legendary DJ Marvski to put together this mixtape in classic fashion. All vinyl recorded straight to a Tascam 688.  Although only a limited number of copies were pressed, we did chop it up with L. Scatter and learned that more copies will be made available soon.  Stay tuned for a feature with L.Scatter on the making of this cassette!  For now...enjoy!

Beat Swap Meet presents: The All Vinyl Mixtape, showcasing vinyl records past present and future.
Mixed from vinyl and recorded on professional grade cassette tape on a Tascam 688 MIDISTUDIO (circa 1990)
released 02 April 2011
Mixed by Marvski
Produced by Alchemist, Da Beatminerz, Evidence, Emanon(Aloe & Exile), Count Bass D, Pete Rock, Silent John, Jizzm Hi-Def, Black Eyed Peas, Great Jason & Matt Mahaffey, A Touch of Jazz, M. Moreau & MF DOOM, L.Scatterbrain
Mastered by Deeskee

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