The 90's was a time frame that yielded several classic movie soundtracks. In some cases, these soundtracks were loaded with timeless Hip Hop joints...even if the movie had very little to do with Hip Hop at all. That's pretty much the case with one of my personal favorite movie soundtracks of all time: The Street Fighter Soundtrack. The year was 1994 when Priority Records dropped this tape which included classic joints like the King Tech produced "Come Widdit" feat. Ahmad, Ras Kass & Saafir, "Pandemonium" by The Pharcyde, "One on One" by Nas and more. I think all you need to hear is Nas in 94 to convince you how dope this tape really is.

To be honest, the movie sucked (Van Damme as Guile? come on now!) and so did the Hammer & Deion Sanders joint but you can't deny the dopeness on the rest of the tape. At the time, I know people were scratching their heads as to why all this rap on a movie soundtrack based on a video game.  Personally, I always thought that the marketing for the soundtrack was brilliant.  In 94, every Hip Hop head I knew was down with Street Fighter 2...especially the arcade!

This is what it was all about back in 92-94.  Before there was social media...there was the Arcade alley.  How many of you real heads out there remember all the glitch tricks on this machine?  If I could get back all the quarters that I dropped in this machine then I wouldn't even be here right now...

Just check the credits.  Look at all the names on there.  Convinced yet?  If not, check out the video below.  It has all the tracks from the original soundtrack.  I'll have to say "Come Widdit" might be the freshest joint on the whole tape but the video will have to go to "Pandemonium."


  1. One of the best soundtracks of the 90's!

    1. Strictly Cassette16.9.12

      Yes. With the exception of a few tracks, it was flawless!

  2. 93kid16.9.12

    Ahmad, Ras Kass and Saafir ripped that track to pieces! Ill production and scratches by King Tech too!

  3. Ah man this brings me back to the good ol` days, first remember hearing that Nas "One On One" joint & the Craig Mack "Do You Have What It Takes?" track on a college Hip Hop radio show. Copped the tape not too long after, even watched the movie.....LoL, now that was a let down! Definitely a gem of a soundtrack though...

    STaY BLeSS`n...


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