What’s good comrades, it’s the Good Doctor comin at u once more!!! Today I’ll be hitting you with a dusty gem called “What is a Rumpletilskin”? by Rumpletilskinz.  Released July 93, in the midst of the jazzy samples and east coast stompin – this came out of nowhere!  From the Leaders Of The New School camp, they were on the song “Sound Of The Zeekers” cut before the l.p.  The crew consisted of Sha-Now, Capital L.S., Jeranimo (L.O.N.S. dancer) and producer R.P.M.


I was turned on to Rumpletilskinz from the lead-off video “Attitudes”, In the era of grimy hip hop (Onyx, Troubleneck bros. etc) it fit right in.  Rough drums, Airy Horn loop and even the westcoast funky worm meshed together perfectly.  Lyrics hard and the chorus harder – “My attitude is fucked up and real shitty!”  I’m like when is the album gonna drop?!!!

After a couple months the tape dropped summer of 93, my folks surprised me with the tape still wrapped so we can get high and peep it together.  Popped the tape in and started to roll – so far so good…..First joint was a intro called “What is a Rumpletiskinz” and then into “Attitudes”. “Hudz” came in with the super good filter bassline under a xylophone, looking back now Pete Rock was a GOD cause a lot of producers were nibbling the style.   “Mad M. F.” is a dope posse cut produced by Chyskillz (Onyx).  Rumpletilskinz were slighty different from Leaders, meaning there was nuthin friendly - but not too hardcore also the tracks were more hardcore but the hook was what always stuck in your head.  “INI” is one of those songs with a catchy hook and “Sweet Therapy” was made for the ladies.  The m.c. that stood out to me was Capital L.S., I found out that him and Bus-a-Bus were roomies.  To this day I think he is where Busta got his rowdy style from!!!  His voice was really gravelly and the flow was commanding makin him the clear standout.  After a interlude beat, you have the devasting “Earthquake” with the infamous lines by Jeranimo “Keep ur booty still, no time for exlax jacks – contacts, stickin ya for ya sugar smacks…and ya baby pics, givin ya mind fits – misfits, mista gun, im still the number one – rump son”!  “Mushroom Talk” had a whimsical beat but then again they are talkin bout psychedelics that I hadn’t graduated to yet.  Bein old school even in 93 I had to give it up to the Spoonie G inspired hook (he starts the song off) “Is It Alright” with the dj cutting crazy.


“Theramixx” was a smoother version version of “Sweet Therapy” but nice nonetheless.  The highlight of the tape is the very dope “Hi-Volume”, it uses Impeach The Prez with a low bassline top off with a smooth violin chop and flute loop.  They also use a vocal sample from the great Rufus Thomas (OOOOOWEEEEE!!!) The m.c’s bounce off one another with no flaws leaving the beat murdered!! The sales of the album didn’t do so well and shortly the group brokeup.  Remedy Man signed a short deal with Priority in 95 (nothing but a promo tape surfaced) and Capital L.S. was heard on 2pacs “One Nation” bootleg cd’s in the late 90’s.  Either way this tape is a rare gem and my folks lent me the tape right after we listened to it……………He never got it back.  Oh Well I’ll Holla….next time ya’ll!!


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    great article and it gave me great insight on a group I haven;t heard of but will look them up to gain more knowledge!!


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