Big thanks to everybody who has been following our blog.  When we first started off a year ago, we never thought that people would take the return of the cassette tape as serious as we did.  In the past year, we've seen the cassette culture come back in a strong way.  We played a huge role in its revival...more specifically in Hip Hop.  With that said, we're transitioning and putting on different hats.  This year we have several cassette releases in the pipeline from artists that you may or may not know.  Expect to see an online shop soon with quality Hip Hop music that should be heard on the cassette format.  Yes, you heard it right.  Strictly Cassette...the label...coming soon.


  1. Anonymous14.1.13

    That is great news..can't wait to see what you have coming out.

  2. Boombapster14.1.13

    How can I submit music to the label?

  3. Big ups and congrats! Much love to you guys, you're doing something really special. I'll be supporting fully.

    1. Strictly Cassette16.1.13

      Thanks for the kind words. We are big fans of your work with Redef as well. Which is a label that we hold high regard for. We will be announcing some drop dates around the 1st of Feb about our first release. Stay tuned!

    2. If you see a piece of mine that you want to use for a cover let me know. We can work something out! Would love to help out... for the first one you can pay me with tapes, haha.

    3. Strictly Cassette17.1.13

      Word!? We may take you up on that! That would be fresh! Thanks for all the support yo!


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