Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Guru's passing.  In honor of celebrating the life of Hip Hop's greatest voice, we are proud to announce our second cassette release:  Guru - Propaganda | Produced by DJ Lord Ron

Making a beat for the greatest voice in Hip Hop can be some pretty big shoes to fill.  When Guru first heard DJ Lord Ron's raw production style on the boards, he knew that they had to get in the studio together.  DJ Lord Ron has been getting busy on his MPC-60 since the early 90's with production credits for artists like C Rayz Walz, Krumbsnatcha and Group Home.  In 2003, Guru linked up with Lord Ron and recorded a few joints.  "Propaganda" was one of the tracks that came out of those sessions.  The songs they recorded were independently released but still slipped under the radar.  In honor of Guru, we've resurrected these lost gems on a classic format: the cassingle.

GURU - PROPAGANDA | Produced by DJ Lord Ron

• Side A - Propaganda | Losin' Control feat. Krumbsnatcha

• Side B - Propaganda Instrumental | Losin' Control Instrumental

All tracks produced by DJ Lord Ron | Written by Guru (Keith Elam)

Label:  Strictly Cassette

 - Limited to 100 copies.
 - 25 copies will be bundled with a Limited Edition "Propaganda" Poster.
 - The "Propaganda" poster will also be available separately.
 - A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Elam Family.

AVAILABLE MAY 28th 2013.