KmD Black Bastards Lp
Written by jazzsoon

Hello and welcome to the second installment of the FRANK KNOWNS RAP blog this week's selection is from my favorite rapper/beatmaker/man with the mask and his equally talented brother's obscure never released,shelved and let's not forget classic second album. Just for the record I've never been a Doom bandwagon jumper, when Kausin Much Damage dropped their first single "Who Me" in 90/91 I was on it hard body...any ways let me begin.

First time I ever saw this album was in Alaska on cd yes I said Alaska (that's another story within itself) and I had no money but I still managed to get it somehow. I remember Elektra putting out a single of "What A Niggy Know" and the crazy dope remix on the B side with MF Grimm on it around 94 but they shelved the album due to the cover being too"offensive" or some shit like that. To add insult to my Knowledge Sub Roc rip (zev love X's brother) had passed away around the time the album was finished.

The record didnt see the light of day till the early 2000's. The way it was put together was so dope with the old movie snippets/interludes (a template for a whole slew of up and comers) the subject matter ranges from guns "Get U Now" to females "Plumskinzz" to Zev Love snuffin Parker Lewis (true story) in the title track, how could I forget "Fuck Wit Ya Head" feat. H20 and "Stop Smokin That Shit" feat. Earthquake, Lord Sear and Kurious Jorge.

The two Sub Roc solo's "Gimme" and "Sounded Like A Roc" The list goes on and on "Contact Blitz" "Constipated Monkey" "Sweet Premium Wine" the whole album!! I remember being so heated that I couldn't get my hands on this record in the 90's. I was amped when I knew I actually had a chance to own it. Please go and listen to the KMD Black Bastards Lp. It will make you happy if your sad and healthy if your sick :) play it in gentrified parts of Brooklyn and get a yuppie mad at you!

Piece of what!!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous20.6.13

    I didn't even know this album existed on tape! Damn, very nice indeed..

    1. Wigsplitta20.6.13

      This is a remake. Elektra NEVER released this on tape. The only known versions are the Rob-One bootlegs (with the B/W photo copy cover) and this. Hopefully it could see a proper re-issue someday. Doom needs to hit up SC! This is proper!

  2. Anonymous20.6.13

    I would love to hear the story of how you found this on cassette!


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