Words by: Chris Cammmack

My childhood experience of New York City comes from cinema of the 70’s and 80’s and Hip Hop Culture. From the bodies of work from directors William Friedkin and Sidney Lumet, to the thought provoking lyrics of Kool G Rap and Rakim. They've shaped my perception of the city and its boroughs since my childhood.

Such creative talents painted pictures of a gritty yet soulful city. A place at times that might’ve torn its self apart if it hadn’t been for the positive cultural movements that permeated the streets and the people that dwelled within.

Those MC's and others like them reported from the front line. They gave a truthful depictions of how life really was for people. Their vocals matched to a vibrant soundtrack. They expressed the truth of how the system didn’t work. How the rich got richer while the poor slid more and more in to social decline.

The character of the people and the City shined through though. Good people in bad situations striving to make a difference to their family and neighbor's lives. The true sense of Neighborhood.

The Bronx is a shining example all of the above and more. A cultural birthplace. The people of the borough keep creating. There must be something in the air. Breathing it in sparks innovation in artistic endeavors.

It's never been more apparent in what you about to hear....

Ray West, AG and Party Arty (RIP) of RedApples45 have collaborated with SC to bring you the listener this Limited Edition Cassette of 'Pianos in the Projects'. Having already been released on 7 inch vinyl, this is a real piece of history collected on two reels of tape.

In an over-saturated market of disposable rap, it's the sound you've been missing in your tape deck. Raw and melodic much like keys struck on the piano. It makes the soundscapes vibrate at a higher level. The rhymes more than match up as verses are delivered with intensity. Each bristle with quotable lines as they mesh together painting vivid pictures.

Press play, sit down and absorb some gritty atmospherics of the inner city as they escape from the speakers.

Ships on August 23rd, 2016

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