STRICTLY CASSETTE is a core of heads who love hip hop and seek that warm analog sound and appreciate the physical form of music.  While we've all had a chance to witness the resurgence of vinyl and the craze that followed, many forgot about the most common media of the Golden Era;  The tapes!  Back when albums were made for you to listen to all the way through!  Albums that were crafted to stand the test of time and as J-Zone would adequately state "9 times outta ten, you gonna be safe with the tape."

During the next couple of months, you will see more tapes added to this site as well as features from artists/collectors around the world.  Everything from photos in the Tape Gallery to J-Card scans to tapes in the Store.  Keep checkin' up with us and spread the word to any folks you know that love this obsolete but unforgettable medium!

"Don't call it a comeback...I've been here for years..."  -LL COOL J

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