December 11th 2011 was the first day that this new Guru cassette tape was made available by way of The X Label. For those of you who are unfamiliar, The X Label is a new lifestyle clothing brand focused on preserving the message and legacy of the late legendary Guru of Gangstarr. Arguably the greatest voice in hip hop. His tradition is kept alive by his nephew and catalyst behind the brand; Justin Elam.

So where does X come from? It's a head nod to one of Guru's main sources of inspiration; Malcolm X. The cassette features Guru's earliest works under his first MC moniker; MC Keithy E.

Justin had copies of these available for an exclusive early release at Beat Swap Meet in Los Angeles. Follow the the X Label and grab a copy before they're gone! Find them HERE.


  1. Anonymous13.12.11

    So dope!

  2. Who said the world wasn't gonna bow to this KING!

  3. Bang2000XL23.12.11

    im really glad that im a owner of this cassette

  4. Yessir...this will only be in the hands of a few!


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