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  2. i remember listening to oly built for cuban linx back in 98' i was 10 years old and just finished elementary school. i went to middle school and met new people and there i got introduced to my only love... hip-hop. one day in 98' i went to a school friends home after school and we listened to some hip-hop but when he put only build for cuban linx in the cd player and striving for perfection started i fell in love with this album. we listened to the whole album and i took it home with me to transfer it from the cd on a tape. the next view weeks the tape was 24/7 in my walkman and i still love it and listen to the cd from time to time. but having the purple tape would be the dopest thing ever :) so if i win my email adresse is:

  3. Back in '95 I was 14 years old, so my formative years were lived during the Golden era. I remember making mix tapes dubbing songs off the radio, proud of the transitions i was able to achieve between songs, careful to eliminate the sound of the DJ's voice before the song was over. My cousin would get every tape when it came out, and when one family member got it that meant we all got it. I got home from school one day and remember my cousin and nephew in my room with the Genesis fired up and "Ice Cream" playing in my sony Hi-Fi cassette deck/recorder with the detachable speakers (which i set up around the room like surround sound). Once I heard Deck kick his verse on "Guillotine", I was hooked. Gaming sessions lasted the afternoon so we listened to both the a and b side utilizing the automatic flip function while we practiced our finishing moves in Mortal Kombat and stretched the field in Madden.... Months later kids at school were talking about the "new" single "Ice cream", by Raekwon on the radio and how dope it was. At that point "ice cream" was a few months old to me, and not even my favorite song on the tape. I know now that I did myself a disservice by just dubbing and listening to singles on the radio, this is the perfect example of that.


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