Nowadays, It’s very hard to stand out in this thing we follow called, Hip Hop;nevertheless, Castor Pollux and JDankworth have made this project with that intention. “To Stand Out and Bring Hip Hop back to the essence in which they grew up with. ” Family & Music is a collection of music that they did over a span of 6 years.(That’s a long time.) In their words “These recording were recorded and transferred from an 8 track digital recorder to Pro-Tools. Then passed around from studio to studio. It could have been ready before but we just weren’t happy with the final product.”
This album speaks on the experiences of their lives. Both of them being fathers and husbands it was expected for this album to be called “Family & Music ” juggling both ,and a job to pay the bills. Both dedicated late nights at the studio as well as working in their personal lab setups trying to get that sound which they so much desired .

Castor Pollux resides in Orange County he is  known for his grilled cheese sandwiches and honest lyricism . On F&M his verses range from family loss to living life to achieve a personal happiness. Cas highlights on being an artist and father trying to provide for a family while doing what he loves most which is creating music .

Jdankworth is from South Gate and known around L.A. for his classic sample based style production and vast knowledge of records. He also was challenged to provide Castor Pollux with beats that would fit his style. Since, Jdankworth and Castor Pollux were pushing for that same sound, Jdankworth was able to capture that moment with his huge record collection.

We are very proud to introduce this project to the public “Family & Music.” Two artists with one thing in common  Family and Music..Just  bringing good music back to the people. Their music stood out because of the way they released this project. Their music was released on cd but most importantly it was also released on a limited run of 100 tapes. That has made an impact on the public bringing back that nostalgic Hip Hop Feeling….Actually holding physical music in your hand.

This album features appearances from Oddity of Wretched Earth,Pawz One,Jen Raye and finally blessed with cuts by DJ Resident of Breakbeats&Rhymes and DJ Zero One.

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