"Rime Force Most Illin’ is a assaulting rap duo that consists Bay Area-bred emcees Luke Sick [Sacred Hoop/Grand Invincible] and Rob Rush [Moonies/Rec League]. After a buzz building demo tape consisting of a hardcore MC medley (The Supalove Mix) backed with a live recording of RFMI’s scene-stealing appearance from the roof of the US Bank building in SF’s Mission District, hip-hop's newest purveyors of tag team rhyme routines are ready to take the spotlight and crush the set.

Rime Force Most Illin’s debut 6-song cassette EP The Force Is Slammin’ (produced by Vrse Murphy, Fatees, G-Pek, Proe, and the Force themselves, and cut up by the bulletproof DJ Quest) was released on April 1st, 2013.

Like a 6-step slideshow of what partyrockin’ rappin’ was/is all about, The Force Is Slammin’ positions the most illers as a force to be reckoned with in terms of golden era worship and beyond. RFMI covers all the bases: party-rockin’ (Biggest Party Of The Century), braggadocio (On Dope), story rimes of intrigue (Rawhide), blistering cadence trading routines (Rime Force Most Illin’), respect (We Get The Most Props), and drum machines (The Force Is Slammin’) As a true head: give them their well-deserved props, because the more you give, the more of this we get to hear!"

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