J.Rawls - The Liquid Crystal Project

Crystals shine. Their beauty is captivating and equally timeless. They sparkle infinitely. The same can be said about music made from the soul. It too captivates the listener. We become enveloped by rich sounds, each piece of music a gem in its own right. With 'The Liquid Crystal Project' J Rawls has given the listener exactly what the title suggests. It flows and glides from the speakers. Warm bass and drums are laced with sublime keys and a multitude of live instrumentation assembled by the Columbus Ohio native. Press play and take a blissful trip.

This is a very special collaboration between Strictly Cassette and Polar Entertainment. Originally released in 2006, The Liquid Crystal project was only available on mp3, cd and vinyl. It was never released on cassette...until now.

This special edition of J.Rawl's classic features full color laser printed labels on "Liquid Crystal" shells.