Beastie Boys + James Brown = Beastie Brown

Music is the sonic version of a persons soul. You can hear it in the vibes they create. If it hits you on the positive tip you'll definitely shake your rump. You might be head bopping on the train caught up in the commuter headphone zone or be a B-Boy up rocking on linoleum in the park while a DJ does his thing. Regardless of the situation the body's moving to a funky drummer. You can't fight that emotional connection so don't try. The rhythmic arts are an ill communication no doubt about it.

What you have right here is a labour of love mixed up with true passion from the Brooklyn icon Jazzsoon. He's the living embodiment of all that's authentic New York City and that shines through in all his endeavours. Serious biz. It's a beautiful combination of the three bad brothers that you know so well and the Godfather of Soul. A sonic enterprise like you've only ever dreamed of. It's musical royalty married in heaven to create something majestic. So press play and prepare to embrace the reinvigorated sounds of science for 2016. Bare witness to Beastie Brown.